The Test Procedure

Our tests run according to a fixed and always the same process, so that an independent and objective evaluation of the products is possible. We test every product on site. This means that we not only collect information from the Internet, but also take a close look at the product and test it for certain characteristics. The final score is made up of a wide variety of categories such as packaging, design, quality and value for money.

rating categories

SafetyHow safe is the product to use?
DesignHow is the design of the product in terms of its visual appearance (shape, color, pattern) and usability in practice?
SizeHas the product been sized and adjusted for its intended use? Is the width, length, height, depth, circumference, or volume too big or too small?
HandlingIs the assembly and disassembly of the product understandable and can the customer carry it out without much prior knowledge? How easy is it to transport, operate and use?
QualityHow high-quality are the materials used? How is the product processed in terms of longevity?
FitnessIs the product suitable for the use intended by the brand?
PracticabilityHow useful is the product? Does it solve the promised problem?
FeaturesWhat performance, functions, materials or quality standards does the product have?
MarkingsAre the legal product markings present (CE marking, GS mark, etc.)
PackagingWas the product securely packaged? Is unnecessary packaging waste avoided?
Advertising PromiseTo what extent are the company’s advertising promises kept? Is there misleading information?
CareHow easy or complex is cleaning and maintenance?
Customer serviceIs there contact with the manufacturer/seller?
Price-Performance RatioHow does the product compare to similar products. Does the sales price correspond to the current economic situation?
*The influencing factors differ depending on the product type.
*Depending on the product, there are very specific properties that are also queried.

rating key

*Note: number of points/ number of total possible points
Info: This is a simplified representation of the rating key. For the exact conversion table, please refer to the file “Evaluation catalog of the Prüfgel Institute” in our Download Area.

Frequently Asked Questions

By Consumers

In order to enable the end consumer to make a safe purchase decision, the Prüfgel Institute certifies and compares products and services.

The offer is completely free of charge for consumers. All reviews are up available at any time. You can check the validity of the seals in our License Search check.