For Consumers

The Prüfengel Institute tests products and services and publishes the results in free publications on the Internet. 
As an independent and private institute, we are free to plan the test. We not only test selected products, but every manufacturer gets the chance to make their products available for testing.

Our experts

Our product testers are specialized and trained in individual product categories. The categories are broken down into sports & leisure, cars & motorcycles, hardware stores, household, technology, etc. The products to be tested are assigned to the respective experts. This allows every employee to carry out the certifications as effectively as possible.
The products are tested in a test catalog specially developed by us. You will receive more information about our test procedure here.

The test seal

  • The grade of the test judgment must be stated.
  • The test period must be specified.
  • A link to the full test result must be available.
  • License number consumers can check whether the seal is correct 

Frequently Asked Questions

By Consumers

In order to enable the end consumer to make a safe purchase decision, the Prüfgel Institute certifies and compares products and services.

The offer is completely free of charge for consumers. All reviews are up available at any time. You can check the validity of the seals in our License Search check.

Contact & Requests

Do you have further questions or want to have your product certified? Contact us!